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About me


Hi, my future clients!

My name is Yuliya Zakharava. 
I'm a professional digital and film photographer based in New York.

Photography was my hobby.
9 years ago I bought a camera with my last money and started taking photos of my friends.
I didn't want to be a photographer because a lot of people told me: “This is not a real job!”.

I wish I could say it was the easy way, but I've believed and loved what I'm doing and now you can see the result!

This was the best decision in my entire life!

Over 1000 photoshoots, 9 years of experience, a lot of courses (photography, retouching, psychology, art, etc.)
Ups and downs...

I love my job, and this is the secret of my photos!

If you look at my works and think "this is exactly what I want", you are my clients! 

Feel free to contact me!


Thank you for your message! I will contact you soon.


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THETHE Magazine, 2020

Moevir Magazine, 2020

The Air Magazine, 2020

Top Posters Magazine, 2021