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Kengo and Eri Takada
March, 2024
I would like to take a moment to express our profound gratitude for the incredible job you did with our engagement photos. Having never worked with a professional photographer before, we were both amazed and deeply moved by the quality of the work you delivered. The way you captured our natural expressions and the emotions of the moment was truly magical.

Despite the day being exceptionally cold, you made the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable for us, ensuring at no point did the chill dampen our spirits. Your ability to masterfully capture the light and colors, creating images far beyond anything we could have taken ourselves, was nothing short of remarkable.

What we appreciated most was how you managed to encapsulate both the extraordinary and the everyday moments of our relationship. The photos are a perfect blend of the surreal and the intimate, capturing the essence of our bond beautifully.

Your extensive knowledge of New York's most picturesque and ideal locations for photography was evident in the backdrop of every photo. You've given us a gift that we'll cherish forever - a timeless capture of our love and the city that means so much to us.

Thank you once again for your incredible talent, patience, and for making our engagement photo session an unforgettable experience. We are beyond thrilled with the results and cannot wait to share these memories with our loved ones. All the photos will be our lifetime memories.

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Fabien and Sofia
March, 2024
Fabien: We had worked with Yuliya for make a shoot in NYC for my girlfriend that is model.
First of all Yuliya is and incredible person that know how to help and guide for the photos, she everytime has good idea.
We had really loved the result of her work, it had been even better than what we was expecting, knowing that we was already fanatic of what she do. And even more than be professional, she is talent, her photos are special and like no one other.
We really strongly recommend you to work with her, don’t have any doubt you will love the result !

Sofia: Best photographer in NYc! Had the best time with her, and I can’t be more happy with the results! Extremely kind and professional! Just want to work again with Yuliya !!

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Jamie and Claire
March, 2024
We really wanted to thank you so much for the pictures!!
They are so beautiful and we love them so much! We had the best time doing them with you - you made us feel so comfortable and captured such great moments, you are amazing! We can't believe how beautiful they are and it definitely captured our NY.

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Danielle Wike
March, 2024
Yuliya was phenomenal to work with. It was freezing the day of our photos and she did everything she could to make my daughter comfortable. She was kind & has an incredible eye. I will cherish these photos forever!

January, 2024
Yuliya was professional and amazing. I was visiting New York with my girlfriend with the intention to propose. She communicated professionally and made it a smooth proposal. We are very happy with how our pictures came out. Thank you

January, 2024
We came all the way from Texas and had family pictures taken. It was  wonderful experience and we love our photos so very much! Thank you for being so patient and kind with our wild and crazy family! We are so thrilled with the results!

December, 2023
Yuliya was amazing to work with.
She made our experience in New York beautiful and captured life long memories.

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November, 2023
My fairy godmother has been hard at work this year. Thankful to her for leading me to Yuliya - an amazing photographer with the sweetest soul. 

This was my first photoshoot ever and she made it so easy. We talked and laughed (and I even got my exercise in  - those runs and jumps though 😂). 

Honestly, I could not have asked for a better experience; just  two girls having fun on the streets of NY.

Thank you, Yuliya. I can't wait to shoot with you again.

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Bashaer Almulla
November, 2023
The photos are beautiful, we had so much fun during the photoshoot. 
Yuliya is so friendly and great to work with . . I’m so happy that I booked this session for my honeymoon trip in NYC .
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Jonathan and Hunter
November, 2023
Yuliya is a fantastic and gifted photographer.  We’ve used her several times for couples photo shoots, and are consistently impressed with what she can capture.
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Kristen and Douglas
October, 2023
I am struggling to find the words to describe how happy I am with my photos and my experience with Yuliya. 

Doug and I decided to elope in NYC, so I looked up NYC photographers on Instagram and found Yuliya’s page. Within minutes, she responded to my inquiry, and we were BOOKED! We wanted something very low key, but the photos Yuliya captured made everything look like an epic fairytale MOVIE!

Yuliya ran around the city with us and captured all the beautiful moments. She made us feel super comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We had so much fun! 

The only thing I cared about was having nice pictures for our elopement and they exceeded all my expectations. I had so many incredible pictures to choose from that I literally got stressed out just trying to pick which ones to post! I had sooooo many people telling me how beautiful our pictures are! She even delivered them within a couple days!!!!! 

Her aesthetic is so beautiful and timeless. I will remember this day forever as the most perfect day ever! I HIGHLY recommend hiring her! You will not regret it!

Thank you Yuliya!

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Erica and Mark
August, 2023
I’ve been a huge fan of Yuliya‘s work for years! Not only is her work an art form, we were able to create memories as she was capturing the moment. Looking forward to our next shoot together!

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Barbora and Armin
November, 2023
We absolutely LOVED the pictures Yuliya did for us and were so happy with the end result. Her pictures are dynamic and full of personality, artistry, and soul. 

She knew the best spots in NYC and gave us directions on how to pose. The whole organization & communication was smooth from start to finish.

Definitely recommend working with Yuliya, she’s a talent to look out for!
Lucy and Rob
October, 2023
Yuliya was amazing to work with!
This was our first time getting professional pics done and she made us feel SO comfortable! We took pictures around Central Park, and she was very knowledgeable on all of the spots, lighting, angles etc. - we absolutely love our pictures!!
Сan’t recommend Yuliya enough for all your photography needs!

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Heisam and Hasti
August, 2023
If I had to describe it in one word: Amazing!

From start to finish, everything was amazing. She was so good in the communication from the start when we booked 4 months in advance, she helped us with ideas and was very flexible with our wishes. 

When we arrived she made us feel extremely comfortable and told us to relax and that everything will be good. At the end of the day it was exactly like she said. We felt so relaxed even though it was our first ever photo shoot.

We couldn’t have wished for a better photographer and I would definitely recommend every single person who needs a photographer to book her!
And of course the pictures turned out fantastic ;)

Thank you again Yuliya!
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Hector and Luana
September, 2023
We couldn’t be happier with the results!
Yuliya is an incredibly talented and professional photographer who truly knows how to capture the essence of the moment. 
Highly recommend Yuliya to anyone in need of a skilled and passionate photographer.
Her work is nothing short of exceptional!
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Adela Ondřejová
Julu, 2023
Yuliya is very sweet and professional photographer. The session was just wonderful! And photos came out beautifully.
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Monica and Kevin
June, 2023
Had so much fun doing a couples shoot with Yuliya! It was such a pleasure working with her and she is so kind and the photos were so beautiful just how I would had envisioned it! Very quick turn around time and she was such a great guidance when needed!
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May, 2023
You will not regret it!
Yuliya went above and beyond during my lifestyle shoot with her in Soho. She was a pleasure to work with, efficient and the photos came out great. I really enjoyed how directive she was during our hour long shoot together. She told me exactly what to do and she has a great eye for picking out spots and telling you what to do with your body so the pictures come out fantastic. I had my completely photo library within 24 hours of shooting with her and she even included many many extra photos beyond what my package included. I'd recommend her to anyone. 

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April, 2023
If you want to go beyond your imagination and get a new feeling of yourself as a beautiful, inspiring and joyful creature, then you need to spend at least few hours with Yuliya and her magic camera. She is professional, of course. But, it’s more than just simply making shoots and giving polished photos in several months (as some other photographers usually do). Working with Yuliya is about quality, speed, customer centricity, and, of course, fun fun fun. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to cooperate with Yuliya and get the outcome which exceeds expectations.

Valeria and Dmytro
February, 2023
It all started with me looking for a NYC photographer on instagram and came across Yuliya’s profile and was super impressed by what I saw :) 
Luckily, Yuliya was available on our wedding date and made our day even more special then we thought it would be! 
Yuliya is just amazing, super professional and also just a very nice and calming person to have around on your special day! Photos exceeded our expectations and I can’t wait to share them with all of our loved ones. 
I would definitely recommend Yuliya as your NYC photographer, she knows all the right spots and have such a talented great eye for natural beauty in absolutely everything around! 

Thank you Yuliya, you are the best!

Sofia and Colm
April, 2023
I don't know where to begin. I was looking for a wedding photographer on Instagram and I accidentally found Yuliya’s page. When I saw her pictures, I knew she is the one. All I can say that it was really hard for me to find the right photographer.
I chose Yuliya because of her style. Her powerful photos tell a story. 
But what a surprise was when I realized that Yuliya was already my photographer 5 years ago. She took so nice photos of me that are still my favorite!I could not be more happy because I already knew that I’m gonna love my wedding photos.
I’m so glad that I found Yuliya after so many years and she made our special day more special!
Yuliya is a true professional! I can even say that she was already a professional back then in 2018.
She is such a nice person and it is very easy to work with her.

Our wedding photos are INCREDIBLE!!! They look exactly how I wanted them to be. We love our pictures! It is our memory and it is so special. We also got so many compliments on the photos.
Thank you Yuliya!

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Yuliya, Aleksei and Aleksia
April, 2023
I've been following Yuliya's work for a while. Having lived in New York for over 8 years, my husband and I, a photographer myself, have never had a photoshoot in this grand city. I must say, I've been dreaming about one for a while. Two weeks after we had our first child, pandemic started, so needless to say our lives were placed on hold in many aspects and we went into a survival mode. 2023 was a new start for us and when we decided to finally make time to capture our family for posterity, I had only one choice - to contact Yuliya. Her photos are so full of life and movement, they capture the subtleties I noticed other photographers hardly even see. 

We wanted to take pictures in several iconic locations of Central Park, in spring, when most trees are in bloom. Yuliya was absolutely great working with us to schedule the photoshoot at the absolute best time. When we met her, she was very easy going and made fast friends with our 3-year old daughter. She put my husband at ease and our hour with her flew by. Everyone had a great time. 

We were expecting our photos to be ready in 1-2 weeks, but to our amazement, we received them 2 days later and twice as many as promised to us. I don't think anything else should be said after this. If you are still thinking whether to book your shoot with Yuliya, well, I might just beat you to it.

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Terri and Tyler
February, 2023
I looked through the pictures and I feel they aren’t really what I was hoping for… it’s upsetting because I am unable to reshoot as I was only down here for my birthday. Thank you taking the time to do these for me but I would appreciate if you could give me a refund.
These are not good photos to add in a gallery. My eyes are shut and I’m getting attacked. I know it’s not your fault that the birds attacked but you added them in my gallery that I paid a lot of money for and I am very unhappy with that . I would never pay that much for photos of me like this.

Photographer's comment: I am currently uploading all raw photos with seaguls (couple and individual). And you can watch all these shots and make sure that I chose the best ones. I couldn't physically take more shots (couple), because after 10-15 minutes Tyler refused to shoot. And that’s why I started taking photos more of you. 

I do not make a refund. I did everything I could on the shoot, in processing and also made more edited photos, also I will send raw photos, and everything is ready today. That’s all I can do that.

Terri, I’m truly sorry. I have had this situation for the first time. I’m also very upset. But I really did everything I could. 

I did my job, you got the result (you received  more photos without addition payment. Yes, you received couple photos with seagulls as much as I could with the seagulls.) You didn’t like the result, unfortunately, as it turned out, it happens. I do not make a refund (we have the agreement and you know that). 
And everything I could do in this situation, I did.

Caitlin and Stuart Norris
December, 2022
If you live in, or are visiting New York Yuliya is the only photographer you should have to share a part in your special day or create memories with. I searched far and wide until I found her and couldn’t be more thankful that we did 🥰 Her beautiful photography speaks for itself, but Yuliya was also so prompt with replies (especially because we planned it from overseas) and was very accommodating the entire process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our vow renewal such a special day. We will adore these photos and memories forever.
Tyler and Adriana
December, 2022
I booked Yuliya in December for a proposal shoot in Central Park. She was amazing from the very first message all the way until the end when she delivered the completed photos. 

She was an absolute pleasure to work with, taking us around to her favourite spots for photos, and walking us through how to get the best results. We were absolutely blown away when we got the finished photos, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and result. 

I would recommend her to anyone, and next time in the city, I know who I will be contacting for a photoshoot!
Liz ans Chris
October, 2022
We loved working with Yuliya for our wedding! She did a great job making the portrait process fun and engaging. And all the candid shots really captured the spirit of the event! We were absolutely thrilled with the results - all the photos were creative and beautiful.
Ben and Aubrey
June, 2022
Yuliya’s work is absolutely gorgeous and our pictures turned out far greater than even my highest expectations. She was incredibly fun to work with and made the photoshoot comfortable. My husband and I don’t get professional pictures done often so it was nice to have Yuliya’s direction and guidance throughout the shoot! We appreciated her attention to detail and creativity. Our final pictures were beautiful, and we will treasure them for a lifetime! 🤍
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Nina and Sasha
June, 2022
I'm so happy that we chose you for our wedding photographer. I can just say that we can't stop looking at our photos. Photoshoot went amazing; Yuliya made us feel very relaxed, comfortable and we really enjoyed our moment together. She is professional, talented and, before all of that, she is a true artist. 
And pictures were ready before expected time! 

Thank you for capturing our precious moments and our emotions with classic NYC vibes in the background!
Jean Louisa Köhler
September, 2022
Yuliya is an incredibly thoughtful and talented photographer. She manages to capture beautiful moments. I am very happy to have chosen her as my photographer. Hope to see you very soon!
Anna and Evgeny
April, 2022
My husband and I just had our 2nd photoshoot with Yuliya. 
I was very stressing at first because my previous experience with other photographers wasn't really great. But it turned out so great and we had so much fun that we booked our 2nd photoshoot. Now I have 2 NYC photoshoots that are perfect and better than I could've imagined. 
Thank you, Yuliya for being such a professional, creative, and talented photographer.
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Daniela and Family
July, 2022
You’re simply amazing! You’re an example of people on the right place doing the right things. Thank you so much! We love the results. Usually I like to hang abstract or random portraits on the walls, always though that putting yourself in a frame is way too selfish, but you made me change my mind. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Rachelle ans Isaacar
November, 2022
Choosing Yuliya to be our photographer for our one year anniversary trip to NY was the best decision we ever made! She is extremely talented, professional, and so friendly. She even helped me put on my dress!  My husband and I loved our photos so so much we couldn’t stop raving about them! She is definitely the best of the best. Now, when we look back on our adventure in NY to celebrate a special moment, we have such precious photos to look back on and reminisce an amazing time of our lives. Not only did we absolutely adore our photo collection, but we genuinely loved our sunrise experience with Yuliya! She made us laugh and enjoy the moment to the fullest.
Jason and Laura
July, 2022
This photoshoot was one of the highlights of our trip. Yuliya is a true professional, and has an amazing eye for “the shot”. She also has a beautiful personality that made our shoot very enjoyable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Eric and Erica
September, 2022
I booked Yuliya since a year ago just to make sure that I had my shoot with her!
Her work is amazing and I was so happy to be able to work with such a talented amazing photographer!
1 (43).jpg
May, 2022
Best photographer in New York! I am from Indonesia and want to take picture with my fiancée when our holiday in New York, I just strolling through Instagram and looking for photographer that suits our style.
I choose Yuliya over many photographer and didn’t regret my choice at all!
It was rainy day at New York, and we worried not to get the good picture, but Yuliya manage it all, She already prepared a pretty umbrella with all the gears for her camera! She also guide us to take good angles and picture. 
Really satisfied with the result!
Thanks a lot Yuliya, grateful to have you as our photographer!
white collage 3.jpg
Hila Peled
May, 2022
We just did our real estate team’s lifestyle photo shoot this week with Yuliya Zakharava, who was recommended to me by a dear colleague.
Yuliya was really incredible. She knew all the best spots in our chosen location. Was very patient and gave direction. Generous throughout the process and each one of us looks like a million bucks. Turn around time was faster than expected. Highly recommend!
Lyn and Chris
April, 2022
I’m speechless and obsessed with these photos!! I love how they turned out and you captured me and Chris so beautifully!! 🤍🤍 my heart is so happy! We are going to hang these pictures around the house! You are so talented!!
I wish we had more photos to look at 🤍
Will be definitely be recommending you to our friends!
Maytee Gonzalez and Mia
November, 2022
Yuliya is so gifted and talented, I can’t express enough my gratitude for the amazing portraits of my daughter… but most of all her energy and charisma made our experience an unforgettable one!! You are truly amazing!
Monica and family
June, 2022
This year photoshoot was different since we were in New York, I found Yuliya's IG and I immediately loved her pics. our photoshoot was even more amazing we picked great location and Yuliya made it look so natural and easy but with two kids and in the middle of summer in New York wasn't that at all. she was patient and creative. the pictures couldn't came out better. this is definitely an experience to remember!
May, 2022
Yuliya has now captured several of my important life moments. A milestone birthday,  the launch of my non profit, and personal brand photos. Each time Yuliya doesn’t just capture the moment, but also the essence of me in that time in my life. This is the difference between someone who merely takes photos and someone who captures art. 
Jonathan Woulfe
December, 2021
Would absolutely recommend — we asked Yuliya to use her best discretion on poses, shots, etc and we got dozens of fantastic photos. Would recommend to all our friends.
January, 2022
Oh my God… 
You're going to make me cry at the airport... 🥺
How to end this mini stay well! With the surprise of the photos so quickly! ✨Honestly, really, I'm not saying this to please you, but I don't have the words... 😶😶
You are beyond a photograph, an artist!  ❤️
I have never liked so many photos where you can see me on it!  
You are wonderful and fantastic! 
I just want to come back to New York to work with you again! 🙈
I would like to do an Instagram countdown and print everything possible as a photo of you! ✨
It's fabulous, I would love you to come to France to take pictures of me with my horse, I would like so many things! 😍
They are wonderful!🤩 I will print some for sure! 📷
Thank you is not a strong enough word! I'm so happy to have met you! 
because in addition to being such a good photographer you were so perfect, you seem to be a girl on top!  You were sweet and you made me so comfortable 💜
That's wonderful !  
I can't wait to come back to shoot with you!  Thank you thank you thank you to the stars 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
1 (1).jpg
July, 2021
I was very lucky that Julia accured to find free time to do some shooting with me. Great sunset in a company of the proffesional. We communicated pretty easily and I got ideal photos just as I dreamed about. I'm satisfied at 100%. I hope to make another photo promenade with Julia when I come to NY next time.
May, 2021
It was my first photoshoot, and I was concerned if I would be shy and frozen during entire process. But Julia is professional and so nice person, that entire process went very easy, fun and with a lot of joy! Result also surprised me- I have got fantastic pictures, like for a magazine. I am very happy with this experience. Definitely, will choose Julia as my photographer again
1 (51).jpg
Amal Qaisar
May, 2021
Super cool photographer ! We did a family shoot with her last year in the Central Park, loved every photo and fun person to do photos with ♥️
May, 2021
Julia went above & beyond for my engagement shoot! She really exceeded my expectations. Every single photo was breathtaking and so beautiful. I cannot thank her enough for the amazing artist that she is.
1 (34).jpg
Lauren and Matthew
February, 2021
My husband & I loved our photoshoot with Yuliya! We wanted to capture some special pictures before leaving New York, and the pictures were even better than we hoped. Julia made the process very easy and fun, and we felt relaxed the whole time. She really captured the idea we had of classic New York City vibes in the photos, and bonus that we received them so quickly!
1 (288).jpg
Mary and Nik
January, 2021
My husband and I were extremely happy with Yuliya’s work and presence on our wedding day. Julia can capture emotions and the tone of an event better than other photographers. (I cried and laughed while scrolling through our wedding ceremony photos.) Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we had a tiny winter wedding ceremony- with no reception and very little flowers/decorations. I can only imagine Julia’s work if it was a bigger celebration in a different season. Despite the circumstances, she is amazing and captures beauty in every person and location. We are very thankful we found her and she had time for photograph our wedding!
1 (28).jpg
Daria and Przemek
October, 2020
Julia is a very professional photographer and an incredible person. All of our photos turned out great and Julia executed them in less then a week. We had the best time during photoshoot and felt very relaxed, even though we never worked with a professional photographer before. I would recomend Julia's services to anyone. Thank you for amazing memories!
1 (67).jpg
February, 2021
I LOVE PHOTOS! Julia totally captured me, and the moment and sunlight. Julia really captured my whole feeling. I really love them! Thank you and I can't wait to work together again!
1 (10).jpg
March, 2021
Спасибо огромное за шикарные фото . Было очень комфортно и приятно во время съёмки. Учла все мои пожелания. Очень жду , когда снова прилечу в НЙ и попаду к тебе на съёмку.
1 (7).jpg
November, 2019
Yuliya is an incredibly talented photographer. She's creative, personably and patient. She even stood in the freezing cold with me so we could capture the perfect sunrise pictures. I can't wait to work with her again!!!
July, 2019
Yuliya is amazing and the warmest person! Her way of feeling me and my mood made me happy. I was glad and relaxed during the shooting. It's the best birthday gift
1 (103).jpg
Chelsea and Chad
February, 2019
We absolutely LOVED our photo session with Yuliya!! We choose to go to Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo area and she was so creative with all the shots she got. Super friendly and she gave good direction as well. The edits turned out perfectly! Highly recommend her services
October, 2019
Yuliya, thanks for the best memory we could imagine. We love every picture of our shooting. And you found a little blond friend in Germany.
July, 2019
You are the best photographer in the World!!!! I'm so happy! Thanks for the super photo session!
Margarita and Brian
October, 2018
Yuliya is an amazing photographer!
She gave me the pictures of my dreams! Me and my husband got married 2 months ago in Maryland, but I really wanted to have our pictures in the city of my dreams (NYC) with the man of my dreams :)
Julia captured exactly what we hoped for! Every picture turned out to be fantastic!
We chose two locations: Central Park and Top of the Rock.
When we got to the Rockfeller center we were behind our scheduled time, and had to shoot when the sun was down. But she did an amazing job! I couldn't believe how great our pictures are even though the ambient light was low. The pictures are even better than most could usually make during the day or sunrise on top of the rock :) It was also cold and windy in the evening, but Yuliya wouldn't stop until she made sure that she got really good shots.
She is very hardworking and professional. Additionally, Yuliya was very quick to respond and she gave us edited photos in just one week! She was cheerful and fun to be around. She was great to work with and gave us a lot of direction.
Highly recommended!
October, 2018
I loved working with Julia! She made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the shoot. Additionally, she was willing to incorporate all of the scenery/ different locations in New York that I wanted into a one hour shoot, which was very important to me. She was professional, timely, and fun to work with. I would definitely use her services again.
Thank you for the wonderful photos, Julia! xoxo
Jason and Shan
June, 2018
We just looked through all the pictures in the USB drive. We LOVE every single one of them. You are the best photographer ever!!! Thank you so much Julia!! You made our wedding extra special and perfect :)
Can't praise you enough !
May, 2018
I had pleasure working with Yuliya during my trip to NYC. She was very professional, helped me with how to pose, where to look, where to put my hands - everything! Not to mention, she is just a great positive person, and 1 really enjoyed the time :) The photos were AMAZING!!! Words cannot describe how happy I am! Definitely coming back soon, cannot wait to do another project!
Thank you, Yuliya!
Yana and Lucas
March, 2018
It was an amazing experience to work with Yuliya! She is very professional and know how to combine you together. You know that it is super hard for couples to do this kind of things for the first time. With Yuliya you feels funny and safe so you opening up very fast and just enjoying the process. She is very hard working persons. It was very cold, she was without gloves or hat, climbing rocks with us just for a one good shoot. We spent hours together and she was very professional! Never told us she needs a break or a sip of water! Very strong girl! When I saw those pictures it just took my breath away, THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Can't wait for the next time! Thank you so much Yuliya!
February, 2018
Yuliya, thank you very much for such cool photos! You were able to fully convey the atmosphere of the city, which we see from the outside, but sometimes can not always convey in photographs. You took photographs exactly as I imagined them. Thank you for the full return of yourself during the work, despite the wind and cold. Thank you for that it's so easy and fun to work with you. You're the best! Be sure to repeat! :)
Irina and Maxim
November, 2017
Yuliya, thank you very much for the wonderful photos! They turned out very alive, interesting, emotional. Special thanks for the atmosphere at your photo shoots. It's so easy and comfortable with you. There is kind of feels like we have known each other for ages. Very cool when you enjoy not only viewing pictures, but also the process of shooting. You're very good at your job, and also a wonderful and nice person.
Ira and Sasha
November, 2017
It would seem it's not very easy to convey the feelings and emotions even in words, but Yuliya managed to capture them on film! She caught all the tenderest, sweetest and most intimate moments. Okay, to speak my truth there is one "but": it's impossible to choose a couple of photos, cause they are all so amazing that l get lost! Thanks to Yuliya for the comfortable atmosphere she creates in her photo shoots, there is no feeling of stranger from the first second, what makes it easy and productive to work. It is worth noting the speed and quality of editing, because they are wonderful. Yuliya, thank you so much, it was a pleasure to work with you! I think you'll became our family photographer.
Kristina and Maxim
November, 2017
Yuliya is from the first second of meeting it was very easy to work, although we are not photomodels and not photogenic, and it's true, but you could find our hidden
"photogenic" and we felt relaxed, and like a fish out of water! Thank you for capturing the most important day in our life! You're very good at your job, with your own style, which hook up! And what is very important! Thank you for helping me, you were like our wedding coordinator from the moment of our acquaintance and to the banquet
Kristina and Alexey
November, 2017
Yuliya, we looked at the pictures and they are incredibly beautiful! THANK YOU! The photos turned out sincere, touching, lovely, fairy and alive. You are a very kind, bright, pleasant person, a professional in your job. Thank you for the good memories that will remain with us for life!) And for us, such beautiful and happy. We wish you to improve yourself and have creative successes!
Julia, Maxim and Alisa
November, 2017
After the photo shoot, I was confused. Alice, to put it mildly, behaved not very well and I didn't expect to get good pictures! But today I saw them .... and I like every picture! Each photo is filled with warmth and comfort, and of course it reminds of those merry moments how the daughter behaved! Once again many thanks, Yuliya!
Elena and Ivan
December, 2017
Dear, Yuliya! Thank you very much for those moments that you captured and managed to see in us. You're very nice and open little person. Our photo session was very positive and light, it's very important when you worry, thank you for that))) I can say with confidence that you are the best photographer in the world!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Julia and Konstantin
November, 2017
Dear, Yuliya! Thank you very much for saving the brightest and most beautiful moments of the most important day of any couple! After seeing the photo, lots of sweet memories of the day of our wedding came back to us! We admire the pictures! We wish you creative successes, new ideas and beautiful people on a way of life! It was very nice to meet a real professional who knows his job! And you are a fine and kind person!
Thank you very much!!!
Katherine and Mikhail
November, 2017
Yuliya! You are our brilliant girl! I remember how we accidentally ran into your profile in Instagram, then the meeting and we have no doubt that YOU will be our photographer!
We had two wonderful shots - Love story and our wedding day. It's easy with you! You are a wonderful, sunny person and a professional in your job! We are sure that you will have a great future! And we wish you success and fulfillment of all your plans and ideas!
Sergey and Svetlana
September, 2017
Thank you for our warm and glowing wedding photos, which keep memories of the most beautiful day! Although it's either -20 C*
°, or +35 C° in the days of our meetings, the photos are super! The secret is that Yuliya is a wonderful photographer and a professional in her job! Thank you so much!
Kostya, Katya and Anechka
August, 2017
Yuliya, thank you very much for the emotions, feelings and joy that you were able to capture in the photos. These are exactly the moments that are so difficult to catch, but want to remember. It's very easy to work with you, and the result is very cool! Thanks!
Julia and Roma
November, 2017
Yuliya is a great! I'm very glad she was our photographer. It's very easy with her. Time flies fast. The photos are excellent, we were very pleased. Choose her for all your most significant days and you'll a be satisfied!
Dasha and Anton
July, 2017
How wonderful they are! I can't keep emotions at bay! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We like photos so much!
R.S. I have never smiled in photos, but I have never seen such a beautiful and sincere smile!
Darya and Artem
May, 2017
Yuliya, photos are awesome, very tender, sincere and romantic! Thanks for the speed and quality of editing! Artem is very happy, he crazy about the portraits (he didn't like portraits before). We look at the photos over and over again, we have already looked for 3 times, and I like them so much that I can't even choose the best one, because they are all very beautiful. It's so easy and fun to work with you, we hope this is not the last our photo shoot)))
September, 2017
The story that led me to Yuliya began with a little dream of a blog. On the way there was a step to make beautiful photos for content and personalization of me as an author. I know how to working with words and meanings. But the world of photography is a land I know nothing about. I came to Yuliya with a vague idea and uncertainty. And she took me to her lens, giving advice on the fly. Now I have the most beautiful photos in the world. I do not know how she did it, but I suspect it's a super ability to read minds.
Thank you!
Denis and Ira
July, 2017
Yuliya, how many emotions I have now. The photos are so beautiful, crazy, sincere and airy. We look at pictures and smile, I look at my husband, at his emotions, at his smile and wrinkles, you know, you captured all these, all that I love in him so much, I'm actually crying. There was a tear in my right eye (wiped and pretended that I scratched the eye). Thank you, thank you, thank you many times! I want to scream THANK YOU.
You are incredible, you are very good at your job! Thank you again from our family!
Darya and Alexander
July, 2017
Thank you for such wonderful photos!) My wife and I are in incredible delight!
Julia and Alexander
July, 2017
Yuliya, thank you so much for all the wonderful works that you filmed! We address not for the first time and sure that not for the last. The photo shoot was awesome. We absolutely did not feel constrained and uncomfortable in front of the camera. On the contrary, everything was natural and easy. The hours of photography flew very fast, leaving behind many positive emotions. We also enjoy the photos. Once again many thanks!
Без имени-1.jpg
May, 2017
I'm looking at photos and they are all beautiful, so real and alive. I want to print everyone and look at them every day. And the design that you gave me is so nice and beautiful. It does me such good when a person treats his work like this, not just take pictures and give them, but everything with heart. You are the photographer that when you imagine your future events in life, and just personal photo shoots, I want you to capture them as a memory for life. And mos importantly, as a person - you are adorable, sweet, beautiful and always smile like people in your picture. I hope to see you again. In general, thank you for everything!
Alena, Alexey and Timofey
July, 2017
My husband and I looked at the pictures...they are fantastic! We are very satisfied!
Thank you, Yuliya! I hope soon some of the pictures will occupy an honorable place on the wall in the flat.
April, 2017
Yuliya, thank you very much for the pictures! In your company I feel comfortable and easy. The shooting time flew by like one minute. And the photo I received in a nice design that was a pleasant bonus for me)))) I wish you positive vibes, endless shootings and creative achievements.... You are so great.
Anastasia and Sergey
April, 2017
Thank you very much for the great photos! We did not doubt the quality of a single moment, because it is not the first time when you make our family happy with your wonderful works! You are a wonderful and kind person and you don't feel jammed and constrained in front of your camera, but on the contrary, I want to smile, laugh and turn around like at home in front of the mirror. We are very happy that fortune has once introduced us to you. And now thanks to you our family album is filled with wonderful photos and you are with us in the happiest moments of our life. Good luck to you and grateful customers!
April, 2017
Yuliya, you are a real professional in your job! I am very glad that I came to your photo project. Your photos are perfect! I'm happy that I met you, I will definitely come to you again. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
April, 2017
I was very glad to work with such a talented girl as Julia. She is talented and knows the feelings of a person, helping to show and reveal his/her beauty. Your photos glow with warmth and tenderness. I will be glad to be in front of your lens some more times.
April, 2017
Yuliya, after seeing the photos, I realized - they are wonderful! I'm so happy! Can you create beauty and give people a piece of warmth and light in your photos! I was never disappointed, but only more fell in love with you and your creativity! Keep us satisfied and inspiring, my dear!
Victoria and Vitaly
February, 2017
The pictures are divine! You are waiting for a great future, I can't take pictures, but I definitely have a taste and there are not many photographers with a twist, style and so on. But you have these all and also you're a good and pleasant person!
Julia, Pavel and baby Victoria
February, 2017
Yuliya Zakharava is our unique family photographer. We entrusted her to capture the most precious moments of our life: a pregnant photo shoot, discharge from maternity hospital, the first photoshoot of the 12 days' daughter, christening. When we turn to Yuliya, I'm always sure that the result will be magnificent! She makes very emotional, live photos, which you want to watch over and over again! She has the ability to find contact with any person (and she is very fond of all children: smiling and listening to her), she creates a friendly and easy atmosphere during the shooting, you can relax and, listening to her recommendations, feel real model (even if it's your first photography).
And she also never stands still, she constantly learns and improves her skills at master classes and courses. She is also very talented (she has a million ideas, she will tell what kind of image to choose). And she is responsible. She always gives photos on time and nice packs them. In general, I advise everyone to contact Yuliya Zakharava. You'll have beautiful photos and bright emotions with her!

Evelina and Sergey
July, 2016
Yuliya, you are a real professional! It was very nice to work with you! Thank you so much for being with us on the most important day for us, and gave us such a fairy tale!
November, 2016
Yuliya, you are... sunny, creative and with a huge soul. It was incredibly comfortable to work together with you. It is the case when you get pleasure not only from the result, but also from the process of photographing!
Victoria, Maxim and baby Dmitri
February, 2016
Yuliya, say I'm excited about the photo, it's say nothing!! First, I want to say thank you that 1 day before the event, you agreed to take pictures of the christening. Secondly, the quality of the images, camera angles and photo editing are impeccably! Thirdly, you gave ready photos in 4 days. There are 94 pictures! | could not even dream of that! Such photographers as you still need to look for! Our little one looked at you camera and smiled. it's very important for us as parents!!! You are great to take such pictures! You can find your calling, and if you love what you do, the results are there for all to see. Thank you for your approach to your job and to your customers! I'm happy you photographed our baby's christening! This day will now remain not only in memory, but also on very warm and sincere pictures that you gave us!

Vika and Vital
May, 2016
Yuliya!! I will not stop repeating: you're cool! I remember how many difficulties were due to the clouds, but we still did it, YOU did it! You created the atmosphere and the mood.
Yyou created a masterpiece, it was your photos that we were show during the banquet at the wedding. As a photographer you're like an idea, quality and speed. You're cool!
Anastasia and Yegor
September, 2016
Yuliya! Thank you very much for those emotions that you gave to us on photos. Everything is very lively and natural, as we wanted! We didn't even expect that it would turn out so nice! We adore of you, grow and improve yourselves.
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