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If you want to get information about the prices, services, please email or text me. You can also fill out the contact form, which is located below. Enter as many details about your event (date, location, your wishes and questions).


Thank you!

Your photographer Yuliya Zakharava


phone: +1(347) 9480539

My official profile in instagram - @zakharava_photo

Thank you for your interest! 

Here I answered some popular questions:

 1. What does the photographer's work include?
The photographer's work begins with communication with a client. Then 1-hour or more hours of photoshooting + transfer time. Help with poses, locations, and other things. Editing usually takes 6-8 hours (if it's a 1-hour photoshoot).

 2. What is included in the price? 

Everything that is indicated in the first question and plus professional equipment, experience, many online/ offline courses and etc.

 3. I’m not a model and I don't know what to do, Will you help with that?
Sure! It's a part of my job.

 Don't worry about that!

And if you look at my portfolio

you will see a lot of my clients are regular people like you and me.

 4. Can I get all the photos?
Yes, you can. I sell raw photos ($150).

 5. How many outfits can I change in 1-hour?
Usually, up to 2 outfits.


 6. How many locations are in a 1-hour photoshoot?
Just one. But one location in New York includes a lot of small spots inside.


 7. I can't decide about locations can you help me?
Sure! I have a blog where I've written about locations for shooting in NYC.

Click here.


 8. Do you take photos around NYC?
Yes, I do.

I take photos in New York City.

Also, I take photos in NJ, Long Island

(transfer to NJ and Long Island aren’t included) + transportation time fee ( up to 1 hour - $30, up to 2 hours - $60, up to 3 hours - $90, up to 4 hours - $120).

 9. If I have some pimples, wrinkles Do you use photoshop?
Yes, I use photoshop for editing temporary skin defects.

I'm professional retoucher too.

But I do this really naturally without plastic effects.

 10. Do you take a deposit?
Yes, I do. Deposit is needed for booking your date.

This amount is not refundable if the client cancels the shooting.

This amount is refundable if the photographer (me) cancels the shooting.

 11. If I got sick or the weather was bad would we change the date of a photoshoot?

 12. Why do I need a photoshoot?
For Instagram! I’m kidding!
First of all for YOU and your family.

It's not about poses, photoshop and something like that!

It's about memories, your story and your life!

The photoshoot is one of the most interesting lifetime experiences!

I promise you!

If you are still thinking - read the reviews, look at my portfolio and text me!

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