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The Terms and Conditions

Yuliya Zakharava (photographer)


1.1. Discussion of a photoshoot with the client, help with location, outfits (if you need a stylist it’s additional service), plan of photo shooting, poses.

1.2. Photographer's work during a photoshoot (taking photos). Photographer doesn't take videos, backstage, keep and secure client's belongings.

1.3. Images are edited and chosen by the photographer such as brightness, contrast, exclusive color correction and retouch of temporary skin defects (temporary skin defects, e.g. an occasional pimple, redness).

Photographer doesn't retouch the appearance of the client, such as figure, wrinkles, scars and incorrect make-up, and hairstyle. In addition, photographer does not retouch locations. 

1.4 Maximum duration of a session makes 5 hours and minimum is no less than 1 hour.


2.1. You can check all prices and services here

2.2. Pricing includes discussion before work, photo shooting time, editing time, transportation time, professional equipment, including cleaning and repairs, professional development, the cost of programs/apps and devices for processing, saving photos (drive disks).

2.3. The Client will get a link to a personal online gallery of high-resolution images for sharing and downloading. The link will be available for 3 months. Please, make 2 copies of the photos.

2.4. Storage of the photoshoot (electronic form) in the archive of the photographer within 4 months for possible restoration in case of loss by the client of its copy. This service is free for the client.

2.5. Additional hours of photography are available for $600 and $550 (only for personal photoshoots).

2.6. The client can buy all raw photos ($150) for 4 months. RAW files will be deleted after 4 months after the client will get the link with photos.

2.7. In case the client wants to ask for any extra image editing changes, the request shall be made within 5 days after the ready photos have been received  by the client.

2.8. The photographer is not responsible for client’s belongings (clothes, bags, phone, etc.).

The photographer can hire an assistant at the request of the client.

The assistant working costs $50 per hour. The client pays the assistant, not the photographer.

2.9. Additional services: at the request of the client, the photographer can send the contact information of makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists  (outfits). But the photographer is not responsible for their work. And the price of these services isn’t included in the photographer’s price.

2.10. Additional editing photos - $20 per photo.




3.1. The photographer takes a deposit:

  • for booking couple, personal, studio photoshoots - $200

  • for booking a wedding photoshoot - 20% of the full price  


The client can pay via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal or pay in cash (personal meeting).

The photographer doesn't hold the photo shooting date without the deposit.

3.2. After receiving the deposit, the photographer reserves the time and date for the client.

3.3. No refund.

  3.3.1. The Client acknowledges and agrees the deposit is non-refundable. But If the photographer cancels the shooting the deposit will be refunded.

   3.3.2. If raw photos and/or edited photos are damaged by the photographer's fault, the photographer will refund the full amount to the client.

   3.3.3. Disagreement with the Photographer’s aesthetic vision or artistic ability are not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of the refund after receiving results.

3.4. The client has to pay the rest of the amount (full price excluding the deposit amount) after photo shooting on the same day. The client can pay in CASH, VENMO, ZELLE, PAYPAL.

3.5. If the client wants to take photos at the locations with entry fees (e.g. Top of the Rock), the ticket for the photographer should be purchased at the client’s expense.

3.6. If the client doesn't pay full price, the photographer doesn't send photos until the rest of the amount is paid.



Cancellation terms and conditions: if the client cancels the photo session, the deposit is not refundable (see 3.3.). If the photographer cancels the photo session, the deposit is returned to the client.



5.1. The rescheduling of the photo shooting is possible 2 times and no more than within 8 months from first date of the photoshoot. After that, the photo shooting will be canceled without the refund of the deposit.

5.2. Friendly reminder: this is New York. Here the traffic is worse than you think especially the subway.

5.3. The client may be 10 minutes late, then the time after that is subtracted from the photo shooting time and the cost of services does not change.

5.4. If the client's late arrival time is equal to the shooting time, the client must pay 50% of the photo shooting cost.  If the client did not come to the shooting and did not warn beforehand, the client must also pay 50% of the cost of the photo shooting.

5.5. In case the photographer is late for the photo shooting for more than 10 minutes, the photographer must either extend the shooting for the time of the delay or return the money part, equal to the time of the delay.

5.6. Covid situation. Sad to say, but we live and most likely will continue living with Covid. Covid is not the reason for the cancellation of the shooting and the demand for a refund. It is possible to reschedule the shooting on both the client's and photographer's sides.

The photographer has been fully vaccinated + booster. If the client or the photographer request to show the vaccination card, both sides should show the card.



6.1. The Client acknowledges and agrees that: The client has reviewed the Photographer’s previous work and portfolio and has a reasonable expectation that the Photographer will perform the Services in a similar style

6.2. The Photographer will use its artistic vision when providing the Services, and shall have the final say regarding the aesthetic vision and artistic quality of the Services.

6.3. Disagreement with the Photographer’s aesthetic vision or artistic ability are not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of the refund after receiving results.




7.1. The client receives photos for unlimited non-commercial use for personal purposes.

7.2. Photographer has all copyright and proprietary rights to images and reserve the right to use all the photos (at the photo shooting day of the client) for the demonstration portfolio, in publications of their own advertising and on their own sites on the Internet). 

7.3. If the client wishes to remain out of public view their photos on the Internet (photographer used them for their portfolio), in that case the client should request before the photo shooting. This is a paid option (10% of full price).

7.4. The client does not receive all the raw materials, only the edited photos.




8.1. The client agrees that Yuliya Zakharava will act as the exclusive photographer.

Both sides agree to positive cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment.

Thank you!

If you have any questions let me know!

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