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Zakharava presets

Hi, everyone!

My name is Yuliya Zakharava, I’m a professional photographer based in New York.
I would like to present my 2 presets for editing pictures on Lightroom.
Yes, only 2!
To me, these are 2 perfect presets and you will get natural and timeless results.
My entire portfolio published using these presets.
I've included examples that you can see that.

I don't want to text many words, all you have to do is buy and try!

2 presets - $20
if you have my first preset (bought a year ago)
you can buy just second preset -$10

You will get 2 folders with presets and "how to set"!

If you want to buy presets contact me by email or instagram


You can buy it here.

Zakharava preset (first)

Zakharava preset (second)

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